About us

Who We Are

EONA-X is a dedicated European data space for Mobility, Transport and Tourism, developed on the path of the Gaia-X initiative.

EONA-X was founded by Aéroport Marseille Provence, Air France-KLM Group, global travel technology provider Amadeus, Groupe ADP, Renault Group and SNCF Group and counts Apidae Tourisme, a tourist data platform including most of the local and regional tourism offices in France, as an active member.

These members already operate at global scale, and new selected members are already eager to join both from industry and R&D labs.

The actual founding members are European and often World leaders. They are determined to explore together the opportunities for economic development and quality of services improvement provided by better information for passengers and visitors in Europe (pax).

Our Values

EONA-X complies within the Common European mobility data space strategy: “Wide availability and use of data in public transport systems has the potential to make them more efficient, green and customer friendly. Data use to improve transport systems is also a central feature of smart cities”.

This initiative aims at providing an example for the world by creating a trusted space of protected data respectful of citizen's rights (GRPD) and is of course green deal compliant


Results in Numbers

Our goal is to exceed expectations by delivering the best job possible.








Countries Served



The Mobility, Transport and Tourism Data Space aims at enhancing user experience in mobility, while creating new business opportunities for the ecosystem’s members. While addressing the challenge that travel data tends to be available “end to end” and offering the wide range of means of transportation such as aircraft, bus, train, car or even by bicycle or by feet, but also hospitality and tourism points of interest as museums, natural sites, local events and services, activities spots, etc., the key question is how to ensure data sovereignty, guarantee privacy and nurture trade while this industry is in a state of flux. The scope of the data space covers goods as well, such as luggage or cargo activities.

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