Juan Giron
Global Corporate Communications at Amadeus IT Group SA

Some observers of data and cloud infrastructures going forward might scratch their heads. Relax and be ready for good news. It’s not a new female superhero, but a promising frame for travel and mobility. The future European mobility data space has a name: Eona-X.

The upcoming Eona-X association ( which is being currently formalized) has already brought the creation of a prototype of seamless travel that currently exists and has been presented to the working group. This mobility data space prototype would recover different means of transport, for example to go from Los Angeles to Paris by combining the plane, the railway and the suburban train.

Between 2022 and 2023 they plan to create the data exchange platform and around 2024 they are committed to implementing the platform, with a good motivation based on the Olympic Games.
“We have chosen”, said Jean-François Cases, chairman of Gaia-X Association for Data and Cloud (AISBL) Data Space Business Committee and Amadeus’ IP Director, “ to strategically advance our mobility project in a small committee including companies such as Amadeus, SNCF, ADP Group, Marseille Provence Airport and TeraLab”.

“We worked with Gaia-X in the standardization of technologies that will allow the future interconnection of data spaces, because we all need payments, energy, green deal…”, he added at the plenary session of Gaia-X Hub France.

“There is the need to start the platform”, urged Jean-François Cases, “but there is also a notion of common good; we are all building a common good. We need to get out of the egoism of the different societies and to do this, an intermediary financing seems important, at least for the launch”.