The Gaia-X Association for Data and Cloud (AISBL) Summit took off today. Different aspects of “the next generation of data infrastructure: an open, transparent and secure digital ecosystem, federated infrastructure for data and cloud” were discussed today.

Dominique Epardeau, member of One Amadeus Data & Dataspace Programs, vice chairperson of the Mobility Dataspace and also the chairperson of the Finance Committee for the Business Dataspace Committee at Gaia-X, said that, in order to generate business value with dataspaces,  “the first challenge is obtaining a good level of data interoperability/quality which will, for example, accelerate and ease the creation of efficient and relevant decision-making dashboard in each of their respective area”.

Regarding standards this new infrastructure should comply with, she was clear: “Transparency is the starting point to foster trust and the use of data”.  

Part of the value creation of dataspaces relates to their “contribution to EU strategy for a common interest: carbon neutrality, re shoring of production facilities to better control shortage due to crisis thanks mutualized stronger data management,” she added.
“It’s not obvious to turn this initiative into business and convert it into benefits for the European citizen”, explained Dominique, also an executive for travel technology provider Amadeus, one of the 22 founding members of Gaia-X. “But so far we are seeing that the fastest way to create value is by improving internal processes with the help of better data quality”, she commented.  

Dataspaces cover fields such as health, energy, agriculture, mobility, education and industry 4.0. Only in the mobility dataspace , benefits include improving customer experience by providing seamless travel ticket that manages multimodal trips with local content, real time update in case of disruption and re-accommodation process: “ Real time notification of delayed trains can save 27 million working hours”’, clarified Dominique Epardeau. “This amounts to €749 million in labour costs!”