“The idea is to create a new multi-modal ecosystem where partners in the dataspace can exchange data independently of the place they store it in, i.e. in data centers or cloud providers. They should do so through connectors or nodes to be defined and standardized”, commented Amadeus‘ IP Director Jean-François Cases at the #gaiax Summit today. “It’s quite ambitious. It is about developing a common good, something bigger than the sum of its parts, that brings value to all the participants through increased productivity and business opportunities”. 

Cases added: “This rich ecosystem needs to work together with better interconnectivity. Multimodality, which is the capability to change of transport means during a trip, would then be dramatically improved and pain or friction points will decrease (…) Because travel represents such a rich environment with so many different players, all having different technical capabilities and IT environment, everything needs to integrate in a standardized environment.”

“GAIA-X is not about competing with the existing offer, but about bringing extra value using our European values of sovereignty, privacy, portability and transparency”, he said.